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IT & Networking

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IT & Networking

Let us help you optimize your network. Networking is more than just Switches, Routers and Endpoints. Peniel Communications offer you the best comprehensive Computer Networking Services in the UAE, through industry leaders and globally acclaimed brands. We use top-end industry tools to design and create a networking infrastructure to help maximize productivity, reduce operational costs and manage complex infrastructure.

Different businesses require different networking services, our networking team will work closely with you to improvise the perfect solution for your unique business needs. We also provide ‘Managed network services in the UAE’ vital for today’s small businesses and medium-sized enterprises, helping you run your business specific applications, enhancing communication and data sharing tools, and improving business flexibility and agility.

Complete Network Services in the UAE

We have worked with some of UAE’s largest firms and helped them customize network services according to their business needs.

Our solutions include:

  • Routing and switching. Utilizing the latest technology to design and implement your network while integrating hybrid solutions like VLAN’s to appropriately segregate your network traffic.
  • Security appliances and firewalls. Keeping security as the central focus we provide our customers with the security appliances and firewalls best suited for their needs, budget, and company size.
  • Internet Delivery, Distribution and WAN optimization. ISP Services with plans best suited for your corporate needs, providing fast and reliable internet connectivity.
  • Wireless LANs. Creation of secure internal and guest networks. Facilitating the control of multiple wireless networks centrally.
  • Structured cabling. All your cabling needs under one solution.
  • Data Networking. Increased data transfer efficiency across wide area networks while determining the best technology for your network services.
  • ATM Ethernet Networks

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